An example of services for our clients, depending on their level of comfort and expertise, are as follows:


Design layout

  • Assisting with furniture layout plans
  • Ensuring emergency exists are maintained and take up the least amount of square footage space
  • Ensuring all ancillary rooms and spaces are considered (e.g. janitorial spaces / common access rooms)

Development permit drawings and application process

  • We deal with the city directly and ensures that the client is kept in the loop at all times
  • Big Bear Tech will proxy questions with the city departments with regards to any issues that may arise with the exterior of the bay or building

Building permit drawings and application process

  • We will answer any questions pertaining to the interior of the building
  • Ensuring that fire alarms and emergency lighting are placed in appropriate locations
  • Ensuring all barrier free rules are followed to code
  • Working directly with the trades for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and A/C) and make sure they have all the information they require to provide a proper Line sketch for architectural design

Big Bear Tech will liaise with other Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers as required by client

  • We only uses engineers if it is a necessity for the job and trade information is not enough according to the Alberta building code.
  • It is our practice to only utilize reliable professionals and will work directly with the professionals of the clients if requested.

Big Bear Tech will work with and/or will locate the reliable and appropriate Contractors and/or trades to perform the job properly in a realistic and timely manner

  • Big Bear Tech has an extensive list of trades and contractors that will meet or exceed the clients expectations, utilized on previous projects logged over a span of several years
  • It is our recommendation that all clients obtain multiple outside quotations from a variety of contractors as each individual may have their own preferred trades or methodologies for the project in question